Friday, July 24, 2009

After Market

BMW R80 by: Rodney AguiarI find the most interesting bikes out there are those that have been modified. There is the quality of oddity, of taking something foreign, or not plainly "similar," and adding it to increase the potency of the overall product, whether it be aesthetic, functional, or technological. It's like Dr. Frankenstein perpetuating his dreams of creating something using pieces of humans not necessarily the same size or shape. In the end, the creature becomes something different, compelling as a whole, yet when looking at each individual part, it is quite odd. Although the Frankenstein monster may not be the greatest of analogies, it synthesizes the point of modifying a body to increase it's usefulness to the user, in that case, the doctor. In the cases of the incredible pieces of machinery here, the mechanics and riders.
1951 BMW with a host of others by: Mark van der KwaakHarley Sportster by: Fred DubanArchitecturally, I would add that because of it's very nature, architectural after market modifications are few and far between. Sure one could surmise that a "remodel" would constitute an after market modification, and it would be. But, I'm interested in how one could modify an industrial or mechanized object into functional space. Cutting, welding, adding, removing: Those processes that one uses to modify and customize a motorcycle. How does one transfer mediums and scale?

Enter LOT-EK. For years, those crazy Neopolitan kids have been surveying and modifying industrial refuse, adding to and removing disparate elements to creat unique functional objects.
I think the transfer is quite interesting.Semi TrailerGas TankerCement Mixer
The above modified bikes were all found through the most incredible motorcycle website:
And if you want more cool examples of after market bikes, check these guys out:

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  1. you interest me greatly homeboy. we have a giant boar's head you can tie (with string) to the handlebar of any of these, rendering them completely modified and bad-ass. is there any way to hide this post from jim?